How It Works

We have made GiftRound to be as easy to use as possible so that it's quick and easy for you to organise your collection.

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Quick & easy

Quick and easy


Collect Contributions

No sign up needed



Select an e-voucher or cash transfer

Creating a Collection

Upload a photo and write a brief description about who you are collecting for and why.


Invite Contributors

Either email out a GiftRound link or copy in the email addresses inviting people to contribute is easy!


Manage the Collection

You can clearly see who has contributed, view comments, and adjust the close date.


Select & Receive the e-voucher or cash transfer.

Choose an e-voucher from our selected suppliers and receive your e-voucher (24 hr delivery) or select cash transfer (48hr delivery).


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  • All The Money Kept Securely In One Place
  • Never Lose Track Of Who's Paid And Who Hasn't
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