Why we've 54p opt in fee and where it fits with GiftRound's future

22 Jun 2020

Why we've 54p opt in fee and where it fits with GiftRound's future

Increasingly, the team at GiftRound recognise how lucky we are to be providing a service that brings people closer together. Every day we play a small part in teams, friends and family coming together to celebrate and show they care through buying a gift.

We love to read some of the messages that are written to go with a GiftRound contribution. There’s a real sense of the magic that exists in the tradition of gift giving.

With the outbreak of Coronavirus and at the beginning of lockdown we made some changes to how we fund the GiftRound service. We asked our customers to add 54p to their contribution, which we would donate directly to two charities. The charities we chose are Glasgow City Mission and FareShare. They were both recommended to us for their work with some of the most vulnerable people in our community. During the three months of lockdown we’ve raised over £2,500 for these charities.

This concept of GiftRound being able to help other people resonates through the DNA of our small business. And we've set out to do more. The first step is we need GiftRound to grow and increase its profit, which is a big step for any young business.

The average transaction fee for a customer contributing into a collection is 54p.   We’re now asking our customers to add that 54p onto your contribution to help GiftRound help even more charities.

For now, we’ll continue to support Glasgow City Mission and FareShare. The big change is the way we support our chosen charities going forward will come in the form of a share of GiftRound profits.

For the next two years we commit to donating 10% of our profit to charity. The following two years, 20% and then 40% ongoing thereafter.

We firmly believe this will eventually have a much bigger impact than collecting 54p donations. But it also means we need your help. We’re asking you to opt-in and add that 54p. Please help us enable the magic of giving to give again.

We’d love hearing from our customers so please do get in touch and tell us what you think or share any ideas you may have. And we welcome suggestions of charities we could also support in the future.


Craig Forsythe

CEO & Founder