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Celebrate [wow]together[wow] and show you care

We make it easy for you to collect money for [wow]group gifts[wow] in the UK and Ireland. It's free to use and only takes minutes to set up.

Celebrating together
"Thank you for all your support. You're the best!"

A GiftRound for any occasion

Leaving the team
Congrats on your new job
Class collection
To the best teachers ever
New baby
Welcome to the world
little one
Retirement celebration
Have an awesome retirement

Psst...  You can set up a GiftRound to collect for pretty much anything.

Contributing to a GiftRound collection
"Goodbye for now! Wishing you success and happiness wherever you go."
"Best wishes on your new adventure! Love you."

One simple place for [wow]everyone to contribute[wow], and for you to keep on top of who’s taken part.

  • Simple secure payments
  • Everyone can leave a personal message
  • Easy to contribute at work or on the move
  • No sign-up or registration for contributors

Pick out the perfect gift

Choose from our extensive variety of vouchers or from our thoughtfully curated gifts. Or transfer the money to the collection organiser's bank account (5% fee).

Explore gifts
Celebrating last day in the office

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