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Collect together for the perfect [wow]wedding gift[wow]

We make it easy for you to collect money and buy the perfect gift for newly weds, all without the faff of sharing personal bank details and endless emails. It's free to use and only takes minutes to set up.

"Best wishes to the happy couple!!!"

Set up a [wow]group collection [wow] with GiftRound

In a few minutes, you can have your own custom GiftRound page set up and ready to celebrate together.

[wow]Easily[wow] invite people to contribute

  • Simple, secure payments
  • Easy to invite people to contribute
  • More flexible than a traditional wedding list
  • Assortment of travel and hospitality possibilities

Spend the collection on [wow]thoughtful gifts[wow]

You can purchase gifts directly from the GiftRound store, including a card printed with all the messages from your contributors.

Or… take the collected money as a [wow]bank transfer[wow]

As a GiftRound organiser, you can take the collection as a bank transfer. This has a small fee (5%).