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About us

Celebrating [wow]connections[wow], redefining gifting

Imagine a world where every occasion becomes an opportunity to unite, celebrate, and express gratitude. It all started with a vision – to transform the conventional notion of gifting. Inspired by the chaos of traditional office collections and the desire to create more meaningful experiences, GiftRound was conceived.

A vision beyond tradition

What began as a solution to streamline office collections evolved into something bigger. We've seen families, friends, colleagues, and communities coming together not just for birthdays and retirements, but for every special moment life offers.

Join the GiftRound community

By embracing technology, we've created a secure, inclusive, and cashless space where giving knows no bounds. Our community isn't just about transactions; it's about coming together to make a difference, celebrate life's milestones, and create lasting memories.

Our commitment

At GiftRound, our commitment goes beyond facilitating collections; it's about crafting experiences that matter. We're dedicated to reducing clutter, enhancing the joy of giving and receiving, and fostering a culture of meaningful connections.

Since we started in 2018 we're super happy to have helped [wow]1.2 million[wow] people collect more than [wow]£12 million[wow] across [wow]105,114[wow] GiftRounds.