Low & Transparent Fees

Online gift collections shouldn’t cost the earth

GiftRound is a free to access and free to use service. However, even free services need to generate revenue inorder to exist.

We are determined to see as much of your contributions as possible go towards your gift, and to keep our fees as low as they can be, whilst providing a quality service.


When you choose to spend your collection on an e-voucher, you can use GiftRound without any fees.

We can offer this because our retailer partners offer us a small discount for using their service.


This is the service fee when you request a ‘bank transfer’ taken from the total at the end of your collection. For bank transfer withdrawals you are required to upload a form of valid ID (passport or full UK driving license).


Contributors can choose to add this small fee to their contribution and help us keep our service at a low cost.

(This fee is an opt-in and voluntary)

Fast & Secure Payments, Powered by Mangopay.


Keeping things safe & simple.

Our payment provider Mangopay, who are regulated by the FCA, deals with all the transactions. They keep your money safe thanks to their multiple anti-fraud and money laundering prevention tools. You can be sure your GiftRound collection is a safe and secure collection.

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  • Norton
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • SSl

GiftRound - A Gift That Gives Again

Your contributions can make a difference

We are passionate about giving. That’s why over the next 5 years we pledge an increasing percentage of our profits to our charity partners. With your help, as GiftRound grows, we can help more charities and change lives.

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