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How do you spend a GiftRound in the UK?

When everyone has contributed, the organiser makes purchases for the recipient. GiftRound collections aren’t automatically sent to recipients on the end date.

To spend a GiftRound, login, select your GiftRound and click ‘Spend.’  

Our store offers a huge range of fee-free spending options, including:

Make your GiftRound recipient feel extra special with a greeting card with all the contributors' comments printed inside.  Find out how to order here.

If you prefer a bank transfer, login, select your GiftRound, click 'Spend', then choose 'Bank transfer' (this is the only fee we charge 5%).

We suggest making all purchases from the store first and then requesting a bank transfer if desired for the remaining amount.

You'll need to verify your ID and if you need any help, let us know at

Bank transfers can currently only be made to the GiftRound organiser’s UK account due to anti-money laundering regulations.