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End of year gift for teacher during lockdown?

Last updated:
Monday, March 25, 2024
Thursday, May 21, 2020
Parent and child working at a table with the parent holding a sign saying 'HELP!'

Are you thinking about an end of year gift for your child’s teacher this year?

Home-schooling in lockdown. Hands up who’s winging it? I know I certainly am! If social media is to be believed there are many parents across the UK who, during this lockdown, have discovered a new-found respect and appreciation of our wonderful teachers. It’s difficult enough with just one or two of our own children isn’t it? They have 30+. Every. Day.

While we’ve been trying to muster up the enthusiasm to join in with yet another Joe Wickes daily workout most teachers are already hard at work. They have been doing everything they can to ensure our children can continue their education by preparing lesson plans and sending out worksheets that can be done at home and preparing their classroom to get children safely back into school.

But it’s not all about the academic tasks. Schools are communities in their own right and teachers have to consider the wellbeing of all the children in their care. Many teachers are saying the pastoral side of their role has made them even more busy during the lockdown.

A large proportion of teachers have been dividing their time between home and school. A lot of teachers have children of their own of course and have had to juggle home-schooling themselves as well as preparing the home-schooling lessons for ours. Some schools are now open for a few year groups and they’re all incredibly busy managing a timetable to be able to welcome the children back into an environment as safe as possible.

Would you like to show your appreciation for your child’s teacher?

We are acutely aware not everyone will be in a position to contribute to a gift for a teacher in these extraordinary times. And certainly, no parent should ever feel obliged to spend money on a gift for a teacher. A handwritten note in a handmade card is always one of the most appreciated gifts that teachers can receive.

But if you decide you’d like to organise a low-key, no pressure class or group collection, then GiftRound is perfectly positioned to help. In fact, a GiftRound collection is much easier than trying to pass the envelope around at the school gate. It’s all done safely and securely online.

There’s just four easy steps:

· Create a Collection

· Invite contributors with a shareable link

· Manage the collection

· Select and receive the e-voucher or cash transfer

You can order a card via theGiftRound Store and GiftRound shall print all your comment in the card and pop it in the post. You can choose John Lewis & partners e-vouchers or a cash transfer at the end of your collection.

Start yourcollection today…

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