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Looking for a more flexible wedding gift list?

Last updated:
Tuesday, March 26, 2024
Monday, May 22, 2023
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Looking for an alternative to the traditional wedding gift list?  Create a group GiftRound and plan a honeymoon adventure!

At GiftRound we offer hassle free group collections that make the perfect alternative to the traditional wedding gift list.  It’s easy to set up your GiftRound and share details with family and friends to celebrate your engagement, wedding or honeymoon.  

For years, the traditional wedding involved setting up a gift registry at a department store such as John Lewis, Selfridges or House of Fraser, and curating a list of household items that would set you up for your future life together and ensure your house was equipped with linens, crockery and  small electricals.

However, since its inception in the 1950s, life has evolved for couples getting married.  Weddings tend to be happening as couples are older and second marriages are also increasingly common so the concept of setting up your first home is no longer as relevant and the desire for the gifts traditionally included in a wedding list has diminished.

The honeymoon pot started to emerge in the late 90’s and has grown in popularity over the years. Couples planning their weddings are now opting to raise money for their honeymoon and enjoy quality time and experiences together.  These honeymoon funds can sometimes consist simply of cash for the newlyweds to spend on their honeymoon or they can be a list of hotels, restaurants & experiences to allow wedding guests to select a more identifiable gift for the couple.  

GiftRound understands how important it is to collection contributors that the full amount gifted goes to the recipient and so the only fee charged on the GiftRound platform is if a bank transfer is requested.  GiftRounds are free to create, no unexpected ‘top-up’ admin fees are added to contributions and if an eGift Card or gift from our store is selected no fee is charged.  GiftRound's dedicated eGift Card 'Prezzee - Getting Married' can be swapped at over 20 major retailers including John Lewis, IKEA, Jet 2 Holidays by Inspire, Virgin Experience and Red Letter Days.

Celebrate Together and Show You Care with a wedding GiftRound!