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New Baby GiftRound - Shana's Story

Last updated:
Monday, March 25, 2024
Thursday, November 9, 2023

GiftRound: "An assistant's secret weapon for office collections!"

In the world of a busy corporate office, Shana, a diligent, resourceful executive assistant, found herself once again grappling with the challenging task of organising a group gift for another expectant colleague, Carrie.

Year after year, she was the designated organiser of office collection pots and frequently faced the conundrum of selecting the perfect group gift - no pressure!

This time, Shana was determined to change the game. Her mission was to discover the best way to collect for an office group gift. She knew that choosing the right gift was incredibly time-consuming, with the constant worry of whether it would meet the recipient's expectations. After all, everyone has their own unique tastes and preferences.

With this in mind, Shana went on a quest for a solution that would check all the boxes.  After a quick ‘Google’, Shana stumbled upon  GiftRound specialised in online group collections, offering eGift cards that could be redeemed at a wide range of stores. She could give Carrie the ultimately flexible gift with a  Prezzee 'A New Baby' eGift Card which can be redeemed at 20 major retailers.

Shana was also delighted to discover that GiftRound also offered a gorgeous range of curated gifts in the GiftRound Store.  A Blossom + Bear ‘New Mum’ gift set was the perfect way to add a personal, thoughtful gift for Carrie in addition to the flexibility and convenience of a Prezzee eGift Card.

With newfound optimism, Shana created a GiftRound for Carrie, shared the link with colleagues, and let the magic of easy group collections unfold.

When Carrie’s GiftRound was completed and all the purchases had been delivered, Shana was thrilled at how quickly and efficiently she had organised the perfect ‘New Baby’ group gift.

At the office baby shower, the company CEO proudly presented the gift. Carrie's eyes lit up with excitement as she unwrapped the beautiful Blossom + Bear gift set and saw the eGift card. She smiled knowingly at Shana and exclaimed, "Thank you!  This is just perfect!"

With a sense of triumph, Shana realised she had discovered the ultimate solution for her office gift predicaments. She leaned in and whispered to a colleague, "GiftRound - it’s every assistant's secret weapon!"

With GiftRound, Shana could finally embrace her unofficial title of "gift coordinator" in addition to her core responsibilities as an executive assistant. GiftRound had truly transformed the landscape of office collections and made group gifts a breeze to manage.