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Teachers are a gift!

Last updated:
Tuesday, March 26, 2024
Friday, June 4, 2021

If you were a teacher approaching the summer holidays what would you prefer 28 x £5 gifts or a £140 John Lewis gift voucher?

3 reasons why teachers deserve a gift.

It's not your average 9 to 5

I'm sure you'll agree, following the year we've all had, that teachers deserve a medal but why not make it a gift. Yes, I know, they get plenty of holidays and yes, they don't officially work weekends, but in my experience, they go above and beyond and never really stop working. They spend their days teaching your children, with enthusiasm and a smile and a huge degree of success.

Show your appreciation

It's one thing to say thanks but showing how much you appreciate someone has a far greater impact. You know it yourself, if you feel appreciated then you are happier in yourself and your performance improves.

It feels good to say thank you with a gift

We've said it before and we'll say it again. Giving Feels Great; so if you give a gift for no other reason than to feel better in yourself then that's fine by us.

What to get and how much to spend?

This is always a tricky one, regardless of who you are buying for, especially when there will likely be others also buying gifts. While it's obviously the thought that counts and it doesn’t matter what other people are doing, our little friend, the ego, will always have its say and the drive to keep up with the Jones’ is a difficult one to navigate. Finances are often stretched, and any 'spare' money has usually already been spent many times over. So it's a fine line between not breaking the bank but also buying a gift which fully communicates how grateful you are for the part your child’s teacher has played in their growth and development.

What can you get for a fiver?

I was going to list a few great gift ideas for under £5 here but that's what Google is for isn't it. I thought it might be a better use of words to discuss the types of things available and why these may want to be avoided.

Personalised Items

These can be anything from notebooks and pens to key rings, fridge magnets and photo frames. They can be a great sentiment but for under £5 the quality may not be what it could be and the item will unlikely last the summer holidays, becoming an unnecessary addition to the pressures on the environment. They can be good, but you can definitely have too much of a good thing, and if you're a teacher trying to find a home for yet another photo frame carrying the words "No. 1 Teacher", you will know what I mean!

Sweet treats and chocolates

Always nice to receive but again, if everyone in the class gets chocolates as a gift, you can see the potential issue, and I'm not just talking about which one to eat first!


It’s probably ill advised to send your 7 year old off to school on the last day clutching a bottle of Pinot Grigio as a thank you. There are the obvious health and safety considerations but those aside, not everyone enjoys a drink and for a decent bottle you may need to spend a little more!


These fall into the category also known as tat. Our throwaway lifestyle is becoming a real problem and our lives are being filled with things we don't need. We can’t get rid of things quickly enough in our house. So if you don’t want your well meaning gift ending up on the wrong side of a spring clean then maybe go for something a little more lasting.

There is another way.

One of the great things about humans as a species is our ability to organise, come together, and work collectively for a common goal; and while we are not talking about planning to overthrow the government, although this may be something worth looking in to, we do have the option to group our collective £5’s, or whatever the magic number is, and give a gift that really means something. If you were a teacher, would you rather receive 32 apples, the traditional teachers gift when I was growing up (I appreciate times have moved on a little since then), or something of value that will last and be truly appreciated. Making those long evenings and early starts, the lessons planned and homework marked, even more worthwhile. Perhaps something made by Apple instead. Other tech giants are available, I just use this as a very crude example. It's amazing what can be done when we come together.

One of the problems, when organising a collection, is how time consuming it can be for the organiser. This is often the initial and sometimes the only stumbling block. Fortunately here at GiftRound we’ve got you covered. Organising group money collections for gifts is what we do. It’s as simple as 1.2.3.

- Create a Collection

- Invite People to Contribute

- Make a Purchase

A John Lewis or Waitrose e-voucher provides all the flexibility of cash but without the very real temptation of spending your gifted money on the weekly shop, or a tank of fuel for the car. We have partnered with John Lewis who, to borrow a slogan from another well known brand, have millions of choices all under one roof; and if Mrs Smith is still set on using her gift to buy the weekly shop there is still that option with a quality shop and a few treats at Waitrose!

Start Your Teacher's Collection Here.