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Last updated:
Monday, March 25, 2024
Wednesday, October 16, 2019
A group of people making a circle with their hands

GiftRound has reached an exciting point in both the development of our service and the ownership of our company and we want you to be involved in both.

Luke Lang is the chief marketing officer of the UK crowdfunding platform Crowdcube:

"The 21st century will see a redefining of ownership as the customer is put at the centre of business’ strategy, products and funding. We are about to enjoy the age of the consumer.”"

GiftRound wouldn’t be where we are without the generosity of friends and family and the commitment shown by some loyal early users.

Over the last 16 months we have come a long way:

People coming together lies at the heart of GiftRound and we want our customers and followers to come with us on the exciting next chapter of our journey.

We are working with Crowdcube to raise £75K in exchange for equity in our business, you can invest from as little as £10. The funds will launch GiftRound into 2020, enabling us to develop an exciting user experience and bring a unique gift service to our customers.

For more information, register your interest here and we'll make the GiftRound journey something we continue to do together.

(Capital at risk)