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Creating & Managing a Collection

If you are setting up a collection then you are required to set up a profile which we have gone to great lengths to make this a smooth and easy as possible. Once you have a collection you can create as many collections as you like and keep track of them all from your Dashboard.

No! If you are contributing into a collection for a gift then you are only required to make a contribution with a credit/debit card and leave a comment.

GiftRound is a quick, hassle-free and secure way to collect money for gifts. In three easy steps designed to eliminate the stress of the “office whip-round” or group collections with friends, ensures people from across the organisations or locations can buy amazing gifts and celebrate together!


Create a collection

Invite people to contribute &

Purchase a gift.

How it works & Fees

We have partnered with Mangopay to ensure that all your funds are collected and held securely with a trusted experienced payment partner. Infact GiftRound has no access to your credit card details what so ever. This leaves us to focus on providing a great service and leaves you happy in the knowledge that Mangopay have the payments in hand.

GiftRound is 100% free

It's free to set up a collection, free to contribute into a collection and free to spend your collection in the GiftRound Store or to transfer the collection to a bank account. We are committed to helping teams celebrate together and show they care and so we want all your collection to be spent on a gift.

How to spend the collection

We like to remove as much of the hassle as possible and that is why we have partnered with some quality providers of gifts and services. We shall be launching the GiftRound Store early in 2019 where we shall have a range of quality gifts and experiences. If you can't find anything or you have something specific in mind then you can transfer the money and purchase the gift you'd like.

Please let us know what you'd like to see int he GiftRound Store.

We aim to deliver your e-voucher within 24 hours of selecting the voucher you'd like to receive. If you chose your voucher over a weekend please allow 48 hours.

To allow for bank processing time it could take 24 hours (during the weekdays) and an additional 48 hours should you request the transfer over the weekend.

What contributors need to know

If you have been invited to contribute into a collection then congratulations for being apart of a team that likes to "celebrate together and show that it cares". Please follow the link to learn more about why a collection has been set up and follow the instructions if you'd like to contribute and leave a comment.

No! We have removed this functionallity what matters is that you can contribute in privacy and leave a thoughtful comment.

No! We want to make this processas smooth as possible so the only information you need to contribute is your credit or debit card information and what you'd like to say.