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Creating & Managing a Collection

If you are setting up a collection then you are required to set up a basic profile. From your profile dashboard, you can create as many collections as you like, share them with others, change the end date and organise how you'd like to spend your collection.

No! If you are contributing into a collection then you are only required to make a contribution with a credit/debit card and leave a comment.


(but only if the collection is still open.  Once you have requested a bank transfer or a e-gift voucher then it's too late.) 

If you or any of your contributors would like a refund then as collection organiser please email the GiftRound team info@giftround.co.uk

There is a 5% charge on all refunds.  We'll do our best to process your refund straight away however t banking process can take between 5 and 14 working days to get the money back into your account.

How it works & Fees

GiftRound have partnered with Mangopay to ensure that all your funds are collected and held securely with a trusted experienced payment partner. GiftRound has no access to your money or credit card details. This leaves us to focus on providing a great GiftRound service and gives you peace of mind that Mangopay have your money held securely.

GiftRound has introduced a couple of temporary fees:

  • Free to set up a collection, 
  • £0.44 Fee (optional) this fee is optional to the contributor and goes towards covering the payment fees for the transaction
  • Free When you choose a e-gift voucher.
  • 3% Fee If you choose a bank transfer.

We are committed to helping teams celebrate together and show they care but we want to try and do our bit during these difficult times.

How to spend the collection

We like to remove as much of the hassle as possible and we have currently partnered with John Lewis & Partners to offer their e-gift vouchers. You can choose e-gift vouchers or a bank transfer when you 'Request Payout' at the end of your collection. We are working on growing our list of gift vouchers so watch this space.

We aim to deliver your e-gift voucher asap certainly within 24 hours of selecting the voucher you'd like to receive and over a weekend please allow 48 hours.

To allow for bank processing time it could take 24 hours (during the week) and 48 hours should you request the transfer over the weekend. Most of the bank transfers between the hours of 0900 and 2000 happen within a few hours.

Boom! We have this covered.

You can choose from a range of specially designed GiftRound cards when the collection organiser Requests Payout. We'll print all the comments in the card and pop it in the first class post.

If you'd like to print out the comments yourself you can do so by visiting the Manage Comments tab and choosing Print Comments.

We take the safety and security of your money very seriously and so do our payment providers Mangopay. The European Commission has launched the Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive and in order to comply with that, we need to make sure you are who you say you are.  This is a once-only process once we know who you are you don't need to upload your ID again.

This is only the case when requesting a bank transfer for your collection if you want to buy a e-gift voucher or spend your money with a GiftRound you do not need to uplaod any ID.

If you are ordering e-gift vouchers then yes you can split the collection simply email the GiftRound team info@giftround.co.uk with:

- The name of the collection

- The value of the e-gift vouchers

- the First Name & Surname of the recipients

- And a short message you’d like to include.

Due to security purposes we’ll have to send the voucher to the collection organiser's email address and you can forward it on via email or print it out and pop it in a card.

If you are requesting a bank transfer then unfortunately your collection can not be split however we're looking at adding this as an option in the near future.

What contributors need to know

If you have been invited to contribute into a collection then congratulations for being apart of a team that likes to "celebrate together and show that it cares". Please follow the link to learn more about why a collection has been set up and follow the instructions if you'd like to contribute and leave a comment.

No! What you contribute remains hidden from other contributors you also have the option to remain anonymous.

No! We want to make this processas smooth as possible so the only information you need to contribute is your credit or debit card information and what you'd like to say.

We take every measure to ensure that GiftRound is being used in a legal manner.  We work closely with our payment provider Mangopay and have strict guidelines and processes in place.  

GiftRound is for collections for gifts and so you really should know the person you are giving to and the collection organiser.  If in any way you are not sure if a collection is genuine then please contact the collection organiser directly and contact us.  info@giftround.co.uk

What is GiftRound

GiftRound is a quick, hassle-free and secure way to collect money for gifts. In three easy steps designed to eliminate the stress of the “office whip-round” or group collections with friends, ensures people from across the organisations or locations can buy amazing gifts and celebrate together!


Create a collection

Invite people to contribute &

Purchase a gift.

Uploading Photo ID

GiftRound and our payment provider Mangopay take the security of your money very seriously.  We are right on the front line of security and are up to-date with the new The European Union's Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AML4).  All our customer's money is held with Mangopay who are fully FCA compliant.

The uploading of your photo ID is processed securely with Mangopay and you only have to go through this process once for all your future collection.

A valid and up to date passport or driving licence for the collection organiser.  (The name on your GiftRound profile must match the ID eg Becky or Rebecca.  You can update change your name via your GiftRound profile)

You need to scan or take a photo of the photo page of your passport and the outside back cover or both sides of your driving licence. Then simply drop the file into the upload box and the image shall go securely to the Mangopay team.  They shall validate your ID as quickly as possible (normally 24 hours) and enable your bank transfer your collection.


If you choose from any of our e-gift vouchers that we offer there is no need to go through our ID verification process.